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Qatar hotels

Qatar , officially called as State of Qatar, independent emirate (1995 est. pop. 534,000), 4,400 sq mi (11,400 sq km), on a largely barren peninsula in the Persian Gulf having its land border with Saudi Arabia .

The capital of the State of Qatar is Doha . Doha is widely recognized because of its international connections. Doha got more name and fame after successful hosting of the 2006 Asian Games. Since many decades, the economy of the State of Qatar has been dominated by Oil and Natural gas. It comprises of about 70% of the total export. Qatar is a diverse country having their inhabitants from various countries like India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , and many others. You will find people from different regions of Arabs in Qatar . The official language of Qatar is Arabic but because of its diversity, you can think about any language and you will find it in Qatar . The second most widely spoke language after Arabic is English and then other languages like Urdu, Hindi etc

A Brief Look into the History of Qatar

It has been discovered that the early habitation in Qatar dates back into the history to 4th century BC. This assumption is made through various discoveries and observations like inscriptions, rock cravings etc. Al Wasil hills, in Qatar , are still considered to be an important site for archeological research. Another interesting fact is that there had been several sites, dates back to various eras of the Stone Age, discovered in the area of Umm Bab. Still there are many sites like the one in Dukhan or in the south east part of Mesaieed that has plenty more to be discovered.

The seafaring canaanties, as referred by various Greek Historians, are considered to be the original inhabitants of Qatar . Furthermore, according to a geographer Ptolemy, Zubara (A town in Qatar ) was the most famous trading port in the Gulf in ancient times.

According to the Islamic history of the State of Qatar, in the 7 th Century AD, the Qatari region and its surrounded regions were under the rule of Al Munzir Arabs. The king of Al Munzir Arabs; Al-Munzir Ibn Sawi-al-Tamimi accepted Islam and because of that Qatar adopted Islamic civilization.


Qatar has a lot to offer to fulfill your needs for entertainment. Qatar has now become world-renowned after successful hosting of many international sporting events like 15 th Asian Games in the year 2006 and many other events of Football, Squash, Tennis, golf etc. For each and every single form of game, there is a separate club in Qatar , whether it is car racing, animal racing (horse and camels usually), boat racing, bowling, cricket etc. For each and every sport, you will find a club in Qatar . This shows how well Qatar has been promoting sports in the country. The Golf club in Qatar is one of the most popular in the Gulf.

Travelers usually go to the beautiful beaches, sports club, deserts, museums, giant shopping malls and local forts for the sake of entertainment. If you are visiting you're your family then you must feel happy as Qatar offers you one of the most entertaining environments for children of all ages. Aladdin Kingdom (park) is considered to be one of the best of its kind in Qatar .

Museum is considered to be another source of entertainment for all travelers. Whenever you visit a country, you should always visit the museum first since it will give you a picture of its past. There are many museums in Doha that will be discussed briefly later in this e-guide; including the National Museum , Weaponry Museum etc. Doha offer many cinemas, restaurants and bars for the sake of evening and night entertainment. Restaurants offer cuisines from almost all countries of the world so don't worry about your home food, you'll definitely find it in Qatar .

Cruises and Water Sports - Qatar provide many opportunities for water sports since it is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf . If you are keen in water sports, then you have got plenty of options available in Qatar . You can go for pedal boats, water cycles, surfing, wind surfing, etc. All necessary equipments are easily available at affordable rents. You can also go for a nice deep sea fishing experience whilst enjoying on your boat.

Desert Safari – Like in other Gulf Regions like Dubai , a trip to a desert is considered to be the ideal point of entertainment. A trip to a desert with a 4 wheel drive car is the best way to spend the day; especially for the youth. But you should always go with experienced drivers that will accompany you throughout your journey and let them drive the 4-wheel drive car as they are expert in this business. It's very difficult to drive a 4-wheel drive car up and down in the desert, particularly if you are a novice driver. So always ask for a tour operator to drive the car in the desert.

Corniche - One of the most famous places of entertainment and leisure in Qatar is the 7 km Corniche where you must go for a stroll. This 7 km road runs parallel to the warm water of Arabian Gulf . It offers a great nearby park for children and a peaceful environment for adults.

Cinemas - If you ever want to catch the latest movie, then you can head towards several cinemas in Qatar. All Giant Centres in Qatar like City Center , Landmark, Hayat Plaza have got large cinemas that shows latest movies from various regions.

Coffee Shops/Nightclubs and Bars
- Most of the hotels have got Coffee shops that have extended their working hours; hence providing an opportunity to relax and enjoy. Most hotels have nightclubs and bars where alcohol is served. Drinking alcohol outside the premises of the bar is not allowed in the State of Qatar.

Ice Skating/Bowling - For all fans of Ice Skating, head towards the City Centre since it has got many ice skating rinks where you can go and enjoy for little rents. If you love to enjoy Bowling then you must visit the Qatar Bowling Centre that offers ten-pin bowling in a 32-lane facility.

Tennis Courts/Swimming Pools/Fitness Centres - Definitely you will be staying in a hotel when you visit Qatar. You will find lots of entertainment opportunities in almost all hotels of Qatar . For instance, all major hotels in Qatar offer facilities like tennis or squash courts, pools, fitness gyms, massage centers, musical events etc.


After the Asian games 2006, Qatar has now become one of the most exciting sports destinations and it is planning to continue this expansion and build bigger and better infrastructures in order to house various sports events. Qatar had successfully hosted the Asian Games 2006 with an unforgettable opening ceremony and provided exceptional facilities to the visitors. The opening ceremony was held in the Khalifa Stadium that can accommodate more than 45,000 spectators.

Apart from the most famous Khalifa Stadium, there are many other stadiums that host various games at national and international levels; like the Khalifa Tennis Court, Squash Stadium (having 17 courts), an 18 holes golf ground, pools, gymnasium and much more. Apart from these, there are lots of new sporting facilities that are being developed currently. For the 2006 Asian Games, Qatar constructed a complete Sports Village that provided houses to 10,000 athletes. Horse racing tracks, pools, bowling alley were the other areas of construction before the 2006 Asian Games.

Football: Every country has a craze on a specific sport or sporting event. For example, you will find people going mad after cricket in Asian Countries. Similarly, the youth of Qatar are hardcore fan of Football. Qatar organizes many football events and Qatari Football Team is considered to be one of the best in its comparison with other Middle-east Football Teams. There are many football stadiums in Qatar including the main Khalifa Stadium, Al-Wakrah Stadium etc.

Horse Racing - Horse and Camel racing are considered to be the oldest and the most favorite sport of the gulf from ancient times. The Equestrian Club, located in Qatar , organizes various seasonal horse and camel race. People from outside the country often come here in Qatar to visit the annual International horse beauty contests.  

Falconry - Falcons have been originally used for hunting games. Even today, in Qatar , falconry is still considered as a very attractive and worth-seeing sport activity. The hunting season usually starts from October till March. Before the seasons, these falcons are trained for the hunting season. Falcons can fly at a speed of 100 km/hr. These beautiful and powerful birds are handled with good care and diet.

Golfing - If you are an enthusiastic player of Golf, then Doha Golf Club is a must-visit place for you. Spread over an area of 7,181 yard with 18 holes, the Doha Golf Club has the honor of hosting many national and international championship Golf events. Should you wish to join an academy before joining the Doha Golf Club, you can easily join the 9 hole clubhouse having various club shops in it.

Water Sports - If you are keen in water sports, then you have got plenty of options available in Qatar. You can go for pedal boats, water cycles, surfing, wind surfing, etc. All necessary equipments are easily available at affordable rents. You can also go for a nice deep sea fishing experience whilst enjoying on your boat.


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